Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Over 1.4 million tickets issued in NY alone!

The number of hand held driving citations issued in NY is staggering. Check out this link.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Submitted to Apple

Hey Folks...awaiting approval from Apple. Coming soon!

Cell Ban

Name: Cell Ban
Developer: Imagine-It

If you use your iPhone while driving, you should beware of the many new cell phone laws across the country that restrict their use. Millions of drivers unaware of these laws have been ticketed for using their mobile devices in restrictive jurisdictions. Unfortunately, these cell phone driving laws are rarely posted, increasing the chance that you get stung with an expensive ticket.
Utilizing your iPhone's geo location feature, Cell Ban will retrieve your current location and promptly alert you if you’re in a cell-phone restricted area.
Cell Ban provides:
• All cell phone bans
• Handheld cell phone bans
• Text messaging bans
• Novice driver bans
• A searchable listing of cell phone laws by state
• A bonus directory of international bans
Don't take a chance. Download Cell Ban today. This 99 cent app could save you a $99 ticket and possibly a night in jail. Cell Ban is perfect for anybody that uses their iPhone while driving. Enjoy the clean graphics and simple user interface.